Episode-2 Letters

The next letter was as the following:

Hello there,

I wasn’t actually able to debit the credit card number you sent through to me, my debit or the amount I tried to debit was refused by your bank. My own bank won’t let me try debiting your card again I’m afraid and so could you please settle the fee of your Reading using a different payment method by simply clicking on this link below? You can pay by PayPal, personal cheque, money orders or even with a bank to bank transfer, all the details are on this page:

At the link above I explain all the available payment methods that you can use and you can send me your request quickly and securely using the form on this same page. Don’t worry, we won’t loose any time over this because I have already started work on your Reading. If you have any other questions about your payment or your Full Reading then please don’t hesitate to let me know, I remain entirely at your disposition!

Have a great day,
Jenna, Your Professional Astrologer


One thought on “Episode-2 Letters

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