Episode-3 Good News

Episode-3 : Radical change into your life ? Was that related to affiliate activities ? Super affiliate want to support me ? That’s was my thought.

Hello Kaharudin,

I still haven’t had any response from you concerning the important Lunar Transit I have told you about which is set to begin on the 15 January 2011. So I thought that I would write to you today to see where you were in your decision. To be honest I was hoping for some kind of contact from you either by email for through my web-page as we are getting closer and closer to this date, a vitally important day for you as it marks the beginning of a period of 6 months of chance and fortune when you will be living under the full and beneficial influence of our glorious satellite, the Moon. I am entirely ready to work on your full reading for you, as I feel a very strong connection between us both and I understand your current situation very clearly, and I only need your confirmation to begin.

I am writing to you again today as in a few days time it will be too late to act. I will not have the time to send you all of the information which you require to get the best out of this extremely influential period. You will need a certain amount of time in order to prepare yourself correctly and you cannot begin all this at the last minute. The choice still remains with you however, it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you would like to benefit from the great opportunities which are in store for you and as I have always done I will respect your choice whatever it may be. I have had a quick look at your configuration again and I can confirm my previous findings, detailed in my last email to you. This means that during this period of 6 months which will begin on the 15 January 2011 you can expect:

– A positive evolution and development of greater pleasure and harmony in your love life.
– A financial win, most likely linked to a game or to the lottery.
– An improvement in your professional lifestyle.
– The start of a new and exciting cycle in your life.
– An important encounter which is set to bring radical change into your life.

You must be ready to seize the opportunities which will bring you the developments listed above and to do this you will need the right tools. As I have already told you I am entirely at your disposition to produce a full astrological reading which I know will be indispensable for you. With this reading you will be able to prepare yourself, understand how you must act and when to seize these opportunities and above all boost your chances for success. You will be able to request this full personal reading from me until the 6 December 2010 and I will get straight to work. After the 6 December 2010 it will be too late for me to work on your configuration, I need time to work for you and I must begin soon. Here is the page where you can request your reading from me:


Have a very nice day,



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