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I have just completed a rather unique experiment for you (Kahar) and I am proud to be able to send you the results of this study as I don’t think you have ever gone through a similar experience. The results are particularly surprising! I do insist on the fact that this is an entirely unique experience, this is not to glorify my work but is instead to bring to your attention that the objects I used for this study are extremely difficult to come across and only a few rare items exist in the world today. These objects are powerfully energized and are very historically rich. I’m going to explain exactly what these objects are in just a minute and show you exactly what I have discovered.

First of all I want to mention that only a few days ago I sent you an email because I felt very strongly that your present existence was very much marked by certain events which you have lived through in your past lives. I still haven’t received any response from you from my web site and I still don’t know whether or not you want me to produce this past life reading for you. I want to make sure that I have given you the right link and that it works alright so I will paste the link again just below, it leads to a special web page which I made especially for you and it will only be active for the next couple of days:

But let’s get back to this unique experience which I have been telling you about. As I said Kaharudin, I know that the weight of experiences which you have lived though in past lives weighs heavily on you here in your present. I can also feel that you have deep emotional resources and you benefit from an enormous potential which almost certainly comes from the skills which you have acquired throughout your past lives. As I realized that you did not use these hidden capacities to the fullest I knew I had to study your case further to identify these skills, to find out where they come from and then I chose to write to you to give you some more information. My only concern was that without your consent I was unable go further and perform the regression which I know is the only technique which will liberate the important information about your past lives and the enormous store of potential which you have within you. So I instead chose to take the initiative and to start a uniqu e study which will demonstrate to you the depth and complexity of these hidden talents within you. And it was this I began writing to you about today.

I used very symbolic objects to produce this study, which I managed to associate with you and I used these objects to assess your potential. To give you a little more idea about what I did, I can tell you that this test corresponds to the one which Tibetan monks do in order to determine which child will be the next Dali Lama. An item belonging to the ancient Dali Lama is placed with multitude of other objects and the monks watch carefully to see if the child moves to pick up this coin or not. If the child does pick up the coin then he has recognized his past life and he is inaugurated as the Dali Lama. I performed a similar test for you (I will show you a picture of this test in just a minute) by associating your first name with a range of historically charged objects and I then analyzed the energy which these objects gave off. And here are the somewhat surprising results of this very interesting test….

I use a pendulum to assess the strength of the energy which these objects give out when associated with you and I must now tell you about the stunning results of this test. I started to associate you with a range of fairly old objects without seeing much movement from the pendulum. And then I tried with a coin which is over a hundred years old and I saw some slight movement, this excited me and I immediately felt that the coin had some sort of link with your life both here in the present and with the lives you have lived before. The only problem was that the period may not really coincide, the coin was over 120 years old but the pendulum only moved very slightly. I then repeated this test with more historical objects and coins as I am fortunate enough to own quite a large collection of such items as I have been performing past life regressions for a number of years now. I came to realize that the older these coins were the greater the energy given off was and the more wildly the pendulum oscillated. And then I came across an extremely rare and valuable object which made this experiment entirely unique. In fact very very few people own such a coin, which makes this experiment so particular, as this is an authentic ancient coin which dates from many thousands of years ago.

This test quite clearly showed me that one of your Past Lives which you lived thousands of years ago has influenced you a great deal and still affects your personality and the Self you demonstrate today. It also influences the decisions which you make and the type of opportunity which you perceive around you and the manner in which you seize these chances and interpret these events. It is evident that a Past Life Report will help you to understand yourself even better and will allow you to come to terms with yourself, it will reveal things about yourself which you can’t even imagine!

It is of course entirely up to you to decider whether or not you want to make this fascintating journey however if you do then I remain entirely at your disposition at the following link:

Your friend,


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