Excelling at the 9 Phases of the Law Enforcement Hiring Process

The law enforcement hiring process consists of 9 unique phases. Each phase requires specific knowledge to excel at. With the competitiveness of getting a law enforcement career these days, excelling is something you will definitely want to do.

Here are the 9 phases:

Some phases are more in depth and require much more preparation, but you want to have a strong showing in EVERY phase. That is how you will get noticed and move to the front of the line to get hired.

The areas that applicants struggle the most with are the written test, detection of deception testing, psychological exam and oral board. And of course, these areas have the most bearing on you getting hired.

Did you know that people actually fail the detection of deception (lie detector or voice stress analysis) testing but are being 100% truthful? And with the huge number of applicants it’s not even worth the agencies time to listen to you explain how you were being truthful. They just move on to the next applicant.

Are you prepared for the oral board questions? So many applicants study law, use of force and policy and procedure to prepare for the oral board. But in reality, the oral board panel doesn’t expect you to have the knowledge of a working officer. They ask questions to test your common sense and ability to reason. Getting caught up in the law when answering the questions can really throw you off track.

Every phase has little tricks to help you excel at it. The important thing is that you know these tricks!

Before applying at any agency you should review a guide that will help you through the hiring process. But don’t settle for a guide that only tells you what each phase consists of. This doesn’t give you the knowledge to excel at it.

You need a guide that gives you the insight into each phase that tells you exactly what law enforcement agencies are looking for. You also want a guide that will give you personal advice on how to make an impression on your prospective agency.

It’s your ability to excel at all 9 phases of the hiring process and the impression you leave that will get you hired! And get you hired fast!


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