Navigating the Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Law Enforcement is one of the most rewarding careers you could ever find. But to actually experience that reward for yourself you first have to get hired. And if you’ve looked into a law enforcement career at all then you know that getting hired is a daunting process!

The process you have to go through to actually make it into the ranks of the nations law enforcement officers, is above and beyond that of any other career.

Navigating your way through this 9 phase (minimally) hiring process is a job in of itself. And this job requires preparation. Walking into the hiring process with no preparation or just some advice from a friend can only result in a couple outcomes.

The reality is that the majority of law enforcement applicants don’t prepare. Or their preparation only consists of asking some buddies for advice. This is a big problem, but it’s a big problem that you can use to your advantage.

You see, if no one else is prepared and you are. You’ll stand out above all other applicants. This means that even though there are hundreds of applicants vying for a single position, you will be the one who gets noticed.

In this day it’s crucial to get noticed, it’s not enough to just make it through the hiring process. You have to make a name for yourself through it.

With the current economy, law enforcement has become somewhat of a gold rush. There are people from every walk of life fighting for the few open law enforcement positions. The security, high pay and excitement of the career have lured people over from their once profitable financial or real estate professions.

The other issue with the current economy is that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are in a state of budget crisis. So instead of filling their ranks to the fullest they’re only able to keep minimum staffing.

This leaves fewer available jobs and a lot more applicants. It has never been more competitive than it is right now to get hired into law enforcement.

But don’t panic. If law enforcement is your dream, then you should pursue it. Agencies need great applicants. Just go in completely prepared for the hiring process.

Each phase requires specific preparation. There are plenty of resources out there that outline what each phase consists of, but you need a resource that prepares you to excel at each phase. Beyond that, you need a resource that gives you personal insight into each phase. It’s this insight that you can use to get noticed and make a name for yourself.

Without this preparation, no matter how good you would be at the job, you won’t get the chance to show it. Before you can be a great law enforcement officer you need to be a great law enforcement applicant!

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What the meant about?


I know that you don’t yet have all the right cards in your hand because you are still asking yourself a great deal of
questions about your partner and there are many things you still do not know about this person. As it is now time to act and time for you to get the most out of this very special astral configuration so that you are able to settle the Future of your relationship, here is what I can do for you:

1) First of all I will tell you very precisely at which moment this astral event will occur and then I will guide you
towards the right choices and decisions to make about your partner so that you are able to act exactly how you should do to resolve this current situation.

2) I will also work on a full Compatibility Report for you, this Report will represent a gold mine of vital information about you and your partner and you will finally get all that information about your partner which you don’t yet have and you will also have a great deal of advice about how to get your relationship functionning properly for you both.

It is now time to act ( Pakar ) and we must not loose a second, this is the chance you have been looking for in
order to save your relationship and this chance may not come around again. If you want me to start working for you, you simply need to click on this link and tell me now:

Your Professional Astrologer

Get Respon Experimental


I have just completed a rather unique experiment for you (Kahar) and I am proud to be able to send you the results of this study as I don’t think you have ever gone through a similar experience. The results are particularly surprising! I do insist on the fact that this is an entirely unique experience, this is not to glorify my work but is instead to bring to your attention that the objects I used for this study are extremely difficult to come across and only a few rare items exist in the world today. These objects are powerfully energized and are very historically rich. I’m going to explain exactly what these objects are in just a minute and show you exactly what I have discovered.

First of all I want to mention that only a few days ago I sent you an email because I felt very strongly that your present existence was very much marked by certain events which you have lived through in your past lives. I still haven’t received any response from you from my web site and I still don’t know whether or not you want me to produce this past life reading for you. I want to make sure that I have given you the right link and that it works alright so I will paste the link again just below, it leads to a special web page which I made especially for you and it will only be active for the next couple of days:

But let’s get back to this unique experience which I have been telling you about. As I said Kaharudin, I know that the weight of experiences which you have lived though in past lives weighs heavily on you here in your present. I can also feel that you have deep emotional resources and you benefit from an enormous potential which almost certainly comes from the skills which you have acquired throughout your past lives. As I realized that you did not use these hidden capacities to the fullest I knew I had to study your case further to identify these skills, to find out where they come from and then I chose to write to you to give you some more information. My only concern was that without your consent I was unable go further and perform the regression which I know is the only technique which will liberate the important information about your past lives and the enormous store of potential which you have within you. So I instead chose to take the initiative and to start a uniqu e study which will demonstrate to you the depth and complexity of these hidden talents within you. And it was this I began writing to you about today.

I used very symbolic objects to produce this study, which I managed to associate with you and I used these objects to assess your potential. To give you a little more idea about what I did, I can tell you that this test corresponds to the one which Tibetan monks do in order to determine which child will be the next Dali Lama. An item belonging to the ancient Dali Lama is placed with multitude of other objects and the monks watch carefully to see if the child moves to pick up this coin or not. If the child does pick up the coin then he has recognized his past life and he is inaugurated as the Dali Lama. I performed a similar test for you (I will show you a picture of this test in just a minute) by associating your first name with a range of historically charged objects and I then analyzed the energy which these objects gave off. And here are the somewhat surprising results of this very interesting test….

I use a pendulum to assess the strength of the energy which these objects give out when associated with you and I must now tell you about the stunning results of this test. I started to associate you with a range of fairly old objects without seeing much movement from the pendulum. And then I tried with a coin which is over a hundred years old and I saw some slight movement, this excited me and I immediately felt that the coin had some sort of link with your life both here in the present and with the lives you have lived before. The only problem was that the period may not really coincide, the coin was over 120 years old but the pendulum only moved very slightly. I then repeated this test with more historical objects and coins as I am fortunate enough to own quite a large collection of such items as I have been performing past life regressions for a number of years now. I came to realize that the older these coins were the greater the energy given off was and the more wildly the pendulum oscillated. And then I came across an extremely rare and valuable object which made this experiment entirely unique. In fact very very few people own such a coin, which makes this experiment so particular, as this is an authentic ancient coin which dates from many thousands of years ago.

This test quite clearly showed me that one of your Past Lives which you lived thousands of years ago has influenced you a great deal and still affects your personality and the Self you demonstrate today. It also influences the decisions which you make and the type of opportunity which you perceive around you and the manner in which you seize these chances and interpret these events. It is evident that a Past Life Report will help you to understand yourself even better and will allow you to come to terms with yourself, it will reveal things about yourself which you can’t even imagine!

It is of course entirely up to you to decider whether or not you want to make this fascintating journey however if you do then I remain entirely at your disposition at the following link:

Your friend,

Episode-3 Good News

Episode-3 : Radical change into your life ? Was that related to affiliate activities ? Super affiliate want to support me ? That’s was my thought.

Hello Kaharudin,

I still haven’t had any response from you concerning the important Lunar Transit I have told you about which is set to begin on the 15 January 2011. So I thought that I would write to you today to see where you were in your decision. To be honest I was hoping for some kind of contact from you either by email for through my web-page as we are getting closer and closer to this date, a vitally important day for you as it marks the beginning of a period of 6 months of chance and fortune when you will be living under the full and beneficial influence of our glorious satellite, the Moon. I am entirely ready to work on your full reading for you, as I feel a very strong connection between us both and I understand your current situation very clearly, and I only need your confirmation to begin.

I am writing to you again today as in a few days time it will be too late to act. I will not have the time to send you all of the information which you require to get the best out of this extremely influential period. You will need a certain amount of time in order to prepare yourself correctly and you cannot begin all this at the last minute. The choice still remains with you however, it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you would like to benefit from the great opportunities which are in store for you and as I have always done I will respect your choice whatever it may be. I have had a quick look at your configuration again and I can confirm my previous findings, detailed in my last email to you. This means that during this period of 6 months which will begin on the 15 January 2011 you can expect:

– A positive evolution and development of greater pleasure and harmony in your love life.
– A financial win, most likely linked to a game or to the lottery.
– An improvement in your professional lifestyle.
– The start of a new and exciting cycle in your life.
– An important encounter which is set to bring radical change into your life.

You must be ready to seize the opportunities which will bring you the developments listed above and to do this you will need the right tools. As I have already told you I am entirely at your disposition to produce a full astrological reading which I know will be indispensable for you. With this reading you will be able to prepare yourself, understand how you must act and when to seize these opportunities and above all boost your chances for success. You will be able to request this full personal reading from me until the 6 December 2010 and I will get straight to work. After the 6 December 2010 it will be too late for me to work on your configuration, I need time to work for you and I must begin soon. Here is the page where you can request your reading from me:….

Have a very nice day,


Episode-2 Letters

The next letter was as the following:

Hello there,

I wasn’t actually able to debit the credit card number you sent through to me, my debit or the amount I tried to debit was refused by your bank. My own bank won’t let me try debiting your card again I’m afraid and so could you please settle the fee of your Reading using a different payment method by simply clicking on this link below? You can pay by PayPal, personal cheque, money orders or even with a bank to bank transfer, all the details are on this page:….

At the link above I explain all the available payment methods that you can use and you can send me your request quickly and securely using the form on this same page. Don’t worry, we won’t loose any time over this because I have already started work on your Reading. If you have any other questions about your payment or your Full Reading then please don’t hesitate to let me know, I remain entirely at your disposition!

Have a great day,
Jenna, Your Professional Astrologer

Journal Living

Hello kindest readers,

I want to share my good private email journal letters of living to you. I make this to expose the great and kindest professional astrologer. Her name is Jenna, two years ago she was worked to give me some very important good news. For her good and professional work as astrologer I was tried and tried to pay her, but my payment always fail. My account not yet and fail to pay her. For her dedication on work I decided to share very good news to my readers. You had to check out my email journal letters for yours better living !

Your Friends,


Let follow Episode I, Jenna  letters to me:

Hello Kaharudin,

We’ve been in contact together for a certain time now and as you know I have always said that I have a very strong good feeling about you Kaharudin and this helps me to perceive exactly how you are feeling, so I’m now going to be very direct with you Kaharudin. I know that you want to get the most out of the Transit which will occur in less than 19 days. As a matter of fact I mentioned in my last email to you exactly what the dates of this Transit will be: let me remind you, 16 June 2010 until 16 July 2010. However we both know that you haven’t consulted any other astrologers to help you prepare for this Transit and you haven’t asked me either to produce this reading for you, it’s not that you don’t want all of this vital information to get the most out this Transit which is going to allow you to get closer to someone who is very dear to your heart and reach a decisive turning point in your career and, because I know you have fully understood just how important all this information will be for you to help you get the best out of this Transit, but I think that something is providing an obstacle for you and I think that this minor problem which prevents you from asking me for this reading is the price I am asking. I want to explain 3 particular points about this and give you some very good news.

1) The first point is that if I ask you for a financial participation to produce this second reading the goal is not to make myself richer off your back by profiting from the fact that you going to enter into a very favorable astrological Transit. You know that I have already spent a great deal of time on your file, that I have produced an initial report for you, then a tarot card reading and the previous study which allowed me to discover the all important dates of your Transit and then all of the different emails which I have written to you. In short the work I have already done for you and the time I have spent, and was happy to do so I must add, has already cost me a lot more than the amount I have asked you for producing this second much larger reading. You must see Kaharudin that I don’t have much financially to gain from your Transit.

2) I know you must ask yourself why I then ask for a fee for my work Kaharudin. Well this is the second point I want to discuss with you. In all the many years of my work I have always noticed that if the person who I am consulting for does not feel implicated in the work then he or she never really applies the advice guidance and counsel I bring and much time is wasted for everybody concerned. Any professional astrologer can confirm this, it is what we call ‘the syndrome of the passive patient’. Basically we can’t have anything with nothing and we know that if the client does not implicate himself or herself a little bit financially then he or she won’t make the effort later on and make the changes which are truly necessary. This is why it is essential for me that the people I help implicate themselves and why I do not work for free. It is very important for me to know that I am not working pointlessly on an individual’s analysis, producing a reading that will not be fully read or assimilated while all I really want to do is to pass on the valuable information which is going to so radically change your life Kaharudin. Experience has shown me that the only means for me to be absolutely certain that the person who requests my work is going to make the effort and implicate himself or herself to bring about real change is to ask for a small financial participation. Kaharudin, you will understand that if you don’t want to spend a few dollars to ask me to produce this full reading for you whilst I have already spent over 10 hours on your file without asking you for anything at all in return (once again please understand that I do not in anyway regret having done this for you, I only spent this amount of time because I knew I had come across a truly exceptional and powerful Transit) it would be very difficult for me to get started on a full second reading which will probably take me at least another 10 hours of hard work. Indeed, then, I could not be sure that you would really use all of the valuable information I will bring you and I already have a very heavy workload.

3) The third point consists of some very good news which I have to announce to you concerning the financial participation which I ask for your reading. Firstly I think that you have understood that as far as I am concerned this participation is important as it is the sign I have been waiting to see from you Kaharudin. This sign guarantees to me that you will use all of the information that I am going to provide to you, quite simply because by paying for something you feel personally involved in the whole affair. Put yourself in my position Kaharudin and think of all of the information and the letters which I have already sent you and ask yourself if, in my place, you would not also like to receive some kind of proof that the person who you are working for feels implicated and ready to put your advice into action. I could even go so far as to say that the amount of this participation is almost unimportant as long as you feel involved. This amount is more symbolic than anything else (the reading which I want to produce for you will contain over 60 pages of information which will be capitally important on many different levels of your life).

The good news is since, I do not want you to miss out on this valuable opportunity because you lack the few dollars necessary (this would be ridiculous seeing as this is such an important astrological event which will not take place again for a very long time to come) I am going to reduce your participation to $45 instead of $60.

From my point of view this will not change a lot as I will still offer you exactly the same reading Kaharudin. I will implicate myself in exactly the same way that I have always done and in the way I counted on doing. Once again the amount I ask has no great importance for me, it is entirely symbolic and it is simply a participation on your behalf. Of course, it is clear that this amount must remain symbolic and I can never go any lower than $45. As a matter of fact I don’t think that any professional astrologer worth their talent would ask for this insignificant fee for a reading which will be over 60 pages in length. However I told you when we first entered into contact Kaharudin, I felt a very strong connection will you from the beginning and human relationships are very important to me, much more important than money. And I want you to realize above all Kaharudin that you must not miss out on this exceptional moment of chance which will be offered to you.

I have prepared a web-page for you, Kaharudin. This web-page will only leave online for a few days because as you will understand I must limit the time this special offer. Of course, this offer is reserved just for you and it only concerns your Transit. Here is the page where you can benefit from this special offer which will only be available for a certain amount of time.…

Your friend,

That my good news from my professional astrologer. Lets Follow to next episode of my good journal living. I hope this is usefull for you too.